Beautiful Vintage Aprons

Yesterday, between a couple of appointments, I decided to venture into the consignment shops near my home. My youngest son was with me. He wasn’t too thrilled at first with what I thought was a great idea. But, he warmed up in the end. And he even found something he wanted.

I went in search of old plates and linens to spice up my meals. I had fun looking, but I didn’t find exactly what I was searching  for. I did, however, find two vintage aprons that I instantly felt compelled to purchase. I think one of my characters, Tallis’ Aunt Gabbie, would love these aprons as well. When I got home I went in search of a vintage apron my mother had given me. The style matched perfectly the ones I found while shopping.

Three aprons. My mother gave me the middle one years ago.

Three aprons. My mother gave me the middle one years ago.

In The Portal’s Choice, Gabbie wears aprons because she is a messy cook. I borrowed that from real life – my life. I love aprons because they keep my clothes reasonably clean while I’m cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. But I also love them for more than their practicality. Aprons are so old-fashioned in many ways and there is a part of me that is drawn to the elegance of an earlier, more formal time that a pretty apron suggests. I also appreciate the ritual in my life that donning an apron represents. When I put on an apron I switch roles and begin to prepare a meal for my family. When my family gathers for a meal it is a special time to spend together.

My aprons for every day use aren’t as pretty as the ones I purchased yesterday. They are more practical items that wash easily and are rather plain, except for my favorite one from France that is bright yellow and has a picture of Le Chat Noir on the front. The ones I found yesterday are beautiful, whimsical even, as well as practical. I think Gabbie would approve.

No more shopping for me. It’s time to write. But I’m going in search of more antique and consignment stores soon. I still have to find my old plates.

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