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Tallis Challinor: Where did she come from?

I’ve had several questions about the characters in The Portal’s Choice and how I came up with each of them. I’ve also had readers ask if the characters are based on people I know? Or on me? It’s time to see if I can answer these questions and I am going to start with Tallis […]

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Ten things you probably don’t know about me

I’ve written about my daughter, Shannon, before. She is my 17 year-old female voice. And I trust her judgment. But when I asked her to suggest a topic for a blog post and she said, “Tell your readers about you,” I was doubtful. What would I say? Would it be interesting to anyone? But Shannon […]

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Books to Beta Readers

On June 6 my publisher, Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan, and I, met with my 8th grade beta readers and their teacher, Cheryl Allison. The purpose of our get together was to have pizza and allow me to give each student and Mrs. Allison a copy of The Portal’s Choice. The kids read the book for me prior […]

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A Chat with Kimberly Barrett About Crystals

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Kimberly Barrett, Crystal Therapy practitioner. Kimberly is also a long-time Master Instructor of IET, Magnified Healing, Shambhala and Karuna Reiki and she teaches Earth Healing as well as Crystal Therapies, and more! Kimberly is currently writing a children’s book entitled The Secret Lives of Crystals, teaching […]

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A Busy Week since Publication and now an Interview

Last week I was interviewed by Robert Michaelson of the Amherst Patch, a local, daily online news publication.  Today, the article appeared and I wanted to share it with my readers. I’d also like to say a public “Thank you” to Robert Michaelson for such a thoughtful and detailed article. This is my first taste of […]

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Thank You!

  The Portal’s Choice was successfully released on Monday, May 6 and so far the response has been wonderful. My publisher at Madaket Lane Publishers, Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan, and I decided to run a Goodreads Giveaway prior to the book launch. The giveaway started on April 7 and ran until May 6. In that time, 477 […]

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Sneak Peek at the Prologue of “The Portal’s Choice” releasing May 6, 2013

Here is a sneak peek of the Prologue of The Portal’s Choice, the first book in The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean series. The Portal’s Choice releases this Monday, May 6, 2013.   Prologue   April 29th, 2:30 in the morning One week to go. I feel it, the nearness of the spirits. The fact that everything is aligning […]

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Words from the world of “The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean”

Many of my beta readers have asked for a glossary of the unfamiliar words I use in The Portal’s Choice. I had a great time searching for old words as I created the world of The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean.  Below are the first entries in the list that will grow and change over time. I […]

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Character Names from “The Portal’s Choice”

I do enjoy picking out the names for my characters. All names have meanings and I believe that a person can be influenced by his or her name. So I took my time choosing the names for the characters that populate The Portal’s Choice. I’ve been just as picky for the next book, The Forgotten […]

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Beta Reader #2 of “The Portal’s Choice” – Insightful comments

I have received feedback on The Portal’s Choice from several sources now, and most of what I’ve been told has been positive. I did have one reader who made some very constructive comments about the book, comments that, at first, were a bit tough for me to take. I have a great publisher who helped […]

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