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Words from the world of The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean

Em’pyrean – The Spirit Realm. Where souls go after humans die. The home of all Sawol.

Portals – Gateways between the human and spirit worlds.

Sawol – What souls are called after they pass into the spirit realm. The source or essence of life.

Bancofa – The first level of the spirit realm. Where the majority of souls or sawol go immediately after death.

Spirit – A soul that has passed into the spirit realm.

Earthbound Spirit or Earthbound – A soul that remains in the human realm after death for any reason. May maintain a more corporeal form due to surrounding human energy. Can also be invisible.

Grimming – Spirit bodies on earth. A spirit that has remained corporeal. Also called an Earthbound or Earthbound Spirit.

Perditas – The spirit realm between Bancofa and Dardanos. A preparatory realm for former earthbound spirits who wish to come back to their spiritual home and eventually continue to Bancofa.

Dardanos – Realm of the fallen spirits. Lowest of the spirit realms.

Edwist – A spirit suffused with human energy that becomes substantial.

Folctoga – Head gatekeeper of the spirit realm.

Consistoire – Governing body of the Spirit Gatekeepers

Spirit Guides – Evolved spirits willing to lend support and impart knowledge to humans.

Gatekeeper Stone/Crystal – A crystal unique to each gatekeeper, the stone is used to open and close the portal. Each crystal is attuned to the vibrational frequency of a specific gatekeeper and gate. They are not as effective when used on other portals.

Hereditary Gatekeeper – Gatekeeper born into a gatekeeping family. Usually the role passes to the oldest child.

Telesma – A talisman infused with dark or dangerous energy which can attach and be harmful to humans.

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