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Local Author Begins Young Adult Series With ‘The Portal’s Choice’

KD Pryor of Amherst released her first book, “The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean,” last week.

By Robert Michaelson   Email the author

An Amherst author has released the first book of many in a young adult series that explores the spooky and supernatural.

KD Pryor unveiled The Portal’s Choice, the first entry in The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean trilogy, last week. The story follows a young girl named Tallis Chalinor, who end up in New Hampshire after the death of their parents.

This quiet new setting is interrupted when Tallis finds a portal that connects to the spirit world, and some of them come to the other side. The story accelerates as nastier spirits are released, and the portal chooses young Tallis as a temporary Gatekeeper who must return the ghouls to the spirit realm.

Pryor said the inspiration for the book came after driving past a graveyard, which sat next to an old house. She thought about how the two could be connected, and this birthed the idea of a portal between a spirit realm and the human world. She immediately started writing.

“Some days, I feel that it wrote itself and I was present only as the typist,” she said.

The Portal’s Choice is set in a fictitious town called Landry, New Hampshire, which is based on small towns like Amherst. Much of the setting also came from numerous trips photographing and wandering through cemeteries in New England.

This is her first completed work, although she already had two books partially completed prior to the completion of this supernatural fiction.

“I finished this particular book because the story spoke to me the strongest,” said Pryor. “It’s funny, but I didn’t have the book outlined completely and, in fact, many aspects of the story changed as I wrote. Ultimately, I realized that I was going to learn the next part of the story when Tallis learned what she had to do next and I, as the author, simply had to be patient.”

The book is dedicated to her 17-year-old daughter Shannon, who was her main resource to learn how a teenage female would react throughout the story.

She also found support through attending a novel-writing enrichment class at Souhegan High School. The feedback turned out to be a great help in crafting her world, and the teacher ended up being her publisher.

The Portal’s Choice was published by Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan of Madaket Lane Publishers.

Pryor said that her favorite aspect of her first published book is the “essence of courage” the main character has, and how she grows to meet unexpected challenges. She hopes that young readers has the innate courage to create the life they want.

Curious readers can find The Portal’s Choice in both Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon, Barnes & Noble bookstores and in the iBook store. Copies of the book are already being sold, and Pryor is excited to begin building an audience for future books in the series. She is planning to finish the current trilogy, and will add two more trilogies based on the world she has created.

“I knew I was going to write more than one and that I would not able to get through all the questions in one book,” said Pryor.

Right now, she is focused on her second book in The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean series, The Forgotten Gate, which will feature Tallis Challinor solving more ghostly problems. Pryor loves letting her imagination take her along for the journey as she crafts the next chapter in her story.

“I love the Young Adult genre because young people have so many options before them and they aren’t afraid to explore. So fiction written for young adults can be adventuresome, whimsical, horrific, sweet, unexpected, otherworldly, even fantastic. I can allow my imagination to run wild and know that there will be a young adult audience that will run with me.”

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