The Road to Publication – The Portal’s Choice featuring Tallis Challinor

July 2009I can’t believe that my first novel is about to be released. “The Portal’s Choice” is the first book in “The Gatekeepers of Em’pyrean” series and features protagonist Tallis Challinor.  Tallis and I have been working together for almost 2 years and I’m excited to introduce her to you, my readers. My release date is May 6, 2013, and over the next two months I will be posting about my progress toward publication and any obstacles and surprises I encounter during the process.  Tallis is going to have a chance to give you some history about her and her family, but she won’t be giving too much away. We want you to read the book.

Yesterday, the second set of proofs arrived and this morning I delivered the first four books to readers for editing and comments. I look forward to hearing what they have to say and incorporating any necessary changes. Of course, I hope the feedback is mostly positive. I have had questions about the name of the book and of my main character and in the next post I will explain a bit about where those names came from.


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