Would you like to read The Portal’s Choice? And would you review it?

Would you like to read The Portal’s Choice and are you willing to leave an honest review on Amazon about my book? If so, then read on.

I am gifting 300 e-book copies of The Portal’s Choice to the first willing readers who send me an e-mail requesting the book.  I’ve posted this offer on several social media sites and have had a steady number of requests to participate. I will be sending the e-books out the week of November 18, so if you’re interested, read the letter I’ve sent out and reply:

Dear _____,

I want people to read my book and to leave honest reviews on Amazon. As an avid reader myself, I understand that buying a book by an unknown writer is a risk when there are so many well-known writers to choose from.

To encourage readers to give my novel a chance, during the week of November 18 I will personally purchase 300 copies of my book in Kindle (150) and Nook (150) formats and will gift those copies to readers who agree to read and honestly review the book.

For the record, this will not be done during a KDP Select free day. As I said, I will purchase the books as a gift to willing readers. If you would like to be one of those readers – and you are willing to post your honest review of the novel to Amazon and/or B&N by December 15 – please email me at KDPryorbooks@gmail.com.

Please provide an email address where Amazon or Barnes & Noble can send your gift. Please also let me know if you prefer the Nook or Kindle format.

For the record, I will only use your email address in order to send you the book (that is how Amazon and B&N send gifted eBooks). Also, please note that even if you don’t have a Kindle or a Nook, the book can be read on iPads, etc. using the free Kindle or Nook app.


KD Pryor

PS: Please feel free to share this offer with people you know who love to read!

Thank you for your help promoting this book!



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